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We hope this will be a pleasant and insightful experience for you. We at Stratworx Consulting would like to take a moment in welcoming you, our visitor, to the organisation’s online representation and thank you for taking the time to view some of our content. We hope that this has been a pleasant and insightful experience for you so far.

What is Stratworx?

Stratworx Consulting, is an organisation that specialises in optimising and enhancing the organisational performance of your company in its various business stages. Established in 2015, it has proven impactful in its field of expertise within the private and public sectors.

Stratworx integrates all functional areas (from Finance, HR and QMS etc.) of your business to bring you the best results and unseen value/potential in your organisation.We apply change management process and procedure in sensitizing all stakeholders to be accountable to the optimising of the organisation.

Our expertise are focused in:

Manufacturing engineering
Information Technology
Fabric, processing & manufacturing

It is our strong belief and a proven argument that conducting an organisational diagnostic and STRATEGY is key to the success and realisation of any set goal. Our aim is to ensure that we develop and implement strategies that are aligned to your business stage(s)/requirements. We have a track record of constantly delivering excellence through our hard work, focus and determination.

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We transition your business from an undesirable AS-IS to a desirable TO-BE

Organisational Diagnosis

An Organisational Diagnosis, is in many ways similar to what your general practitioner would do upon initial inspection, diagnosing all potential underlying problems that may exist within your business processes, existing management system and structural integrity between functions

This process may involve holding group discussions, gathering research data on current and past performance, interviewing individual employees and management teams, using methods to scrupulously determine the state of your organisational structure and the weaknesses it may possess that are affecting the overall optimal efficiency of your business and preventing growth

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Strategy Analysis
In a locally and globally competitive market, your organisation needs to be highly flexible in ensuring that it is able to meet its objectives by being efficient, maintaining high levels of sustainable productivity and scouting new opportunities that will improve the performance and competitive position of your business

Through-out your organisation’s life-cycle, it will need to undergo various stages of transformation and restructuring in order to remain competitive and adapt to its environment. These processes require for practical strategic analytical frameworks and development methods that focus on achieving the desired objectives in line with the organisation's vision and mission.
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Strategic HR
Strategic HR is a proactive Human Resource Management approach that believes that it is not enough for the HRM Framework in an organisation to merely be applied and practiced in isolation

In order for your business, your employees and key stakeholders to fully reap the benefits of adhering to sound HRM practices and resource management models, HR needs to integrate its policies into the business’ vision, mission and internal philosophies.
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Quality Management Systems
A company has management processes and procedures for the creation and delivery of products and services. The objective of a Quality Management System is to reveal to you how to consistently deliver products and services to meet your customers’ requirements

Therefore, this will effectively include all the tasks and activities that have to take place throughout the company to deliver the product or service to your customers. Most QMS are generally adequate, however poor management systems can lead to wasteful processes, poor products & services and dissatisfied customers.
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Business Process Management
Business Process Management (BPM) is a systematic approach to making an organisation's workflow more effective, more efficient and more capable of adapting to an ever-changing environment. A business process is an activity or set of activities that will accomplish a specific organisational goal.
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Stratworx Consulting workshops aim to provide businesses and individuals with identifying gaps and providing appropriate solutions in the following ways:

  • Detail what is performance management and the impact of it on your organizational culture
  • Detail what is poor performance and how to manage it
  • Assist Management design to design KPAs and KPIs (Set performance parameters)
  • Assist employees in the understanding of how performance management influences their career paths
  • Auditing your performance management system in real time (if applicable)
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Free Auditing
Stratworx Consulting aims to assess the state of your human resource department and identify opportunities for growth and compliance through the following processes:
  • Submit memo to entire organization on the organization being audited
  • Schedule interviews with HR Manager and/or person in charge of HR (if applicable)
  • Request and submit documentation in line with the auditing process
  • Receive the audit report
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/ Business Life Cycle

AT EVERY STAGE of your Business life cycle, we gear you towards sustainable growth with innovative interventions and strategies


Enhancing every area of your business

"Our diagnosis techniques and enhancement strategies bring out the untapped potential in your organisation"

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